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Global Game Jam 2014

Recently I have participated in annual GGJ event. The theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.".
I was working in a team that consists of 3 people. That would be:

  • Lyndon Armitage
  • Jonathon Higgs
  • And me ^_^

To make this game we have used HTML5 with no extra libraries (except the jQuery to make things nice and neat). We hame made a puzzle platformer, even though there are plenty of them right now but we still wanted to make one. In the game you contol one or two cat looking characters the objective is to get the same colored door as they are. The main game mechanic is a glass, when a character looks through the glass the player will be shown what they can see, each character sees different worlds. When the other world is revield it becomes real and can be interacted with.

Link to GGJ event page: HERE
Link to the game: HERE

DMU Portfolio jam 2013

University held a game jam on November 6-7 2013. It was a 36h long event. Theme was "Pest and Infestation". We ware working in a team of 4 including me. That would be:

  • Ben Hook
  • Jonathon Higgs
  • Jake Green
  • And me ^_^

To make this game we have used WebGL with no extra libraries (except the vector and matrix math one), I wrote a mini engine for this specific event. In the game you play as a intelligent race who spread like vermin and pollute planets at rapid rate. You get one extra worker for each 100 population, but when population starts dropping you start to lose workers at random. Your goal is to build a rocket to escape the planet before the population dies of pollution. To do that you need to command workers and send them to gather resources, there are 4 resource types: Wood, Water, Iron, Oil. The rocket is built in 3 parts, each part requires different types and quantities of the resources.

Link: HERE

Brains Eden GamesJam 2013

Recently I have participated in Brains Eden gamesjam hosted in Cembridge Anglia Ruskin University. I was working in a team that consists of 5 people. That would be:

  • Derry Holt
  • Alex Ellis
  • Jamiel Mendoza
  • Nathan Holding
  • And of course me ^_^

This time we've used Unity to make our game, it was aimed at mobile devices but it seems that it works fine on PC too. The animation is bit weird since a programmer did it and he had no training at all :). In this game you are a Yeti and you are trying to reclaim your mountain from evil walruses (thank Alex if you like walruses). You have to make moves by combining 3 boxes that you grab at the top of the screen and drag them to a combo mixer at the bottom right side of the screen. Some enemies require certain move to kill them.

The game is in a rough state (we had only 48h to make it) so it is bit buggy and quit button on android is kinda broken.
Also it may look very weird on some android devices due to different screen resolutions.

We forgot to remove a debug key so 'A' will instantly kill you.
And score is not server sided so it doesn't work too.

Link to WEB version: HERE
Link to Android version: HERE

Some more WebGL

Since I got interested in 3D graphics for quite a bit I have been making some shaders with GLSL. This is one of the examples. I will expand that link with all the selection menus and controls when I will have some more cool stuff to demo.
Here is a little Demo: WebGL Demo

This demo loads, renders and applies some shading effects to 3D model.
Requires a browser that supports WebGL like Chrome or Firefox also a PC with graphics card that support shaders.

Some WebGL experment

I wanted to try out something new so I took my lecturers suggestion and ported my 3D Graphics assignment into WebGL. What it does is loads .obj and shader files which are located on the server and renders using HTML5 canvas.

W,A,S,D - to move camera.
Arrow keys - to rotate camera.
Spacebar - to move camera up.
X - to move camera down.
L - to make light source appear infront of the camera.
O - to move light back to its fixed position.

Here is a little Demo: WebGL Demo

This demo loads and renders De Montfort University building 'Gateway House'.
Requires a browser that supports WebGL like Chrome or Firefox

CanJam 2013 (University of Lincoln)

On March 09-10 I participated in CanJam, which is a 24h programming challenge hosted at the University of Lincoln. I was working with Alex Furnell. For this challenge we were using C# with XNA. The theme was:
Object: Uranium
Concept: Madness

The game we made is rather simple. You control two minions who pledged their loyalty for a mad scientist who wants to dominate the world. To do that he needs some uranium to finish his weapon of mass destruction. By controlling these minions you have to collect as much Uranium as you can, but be aware when minions get near to the uranium they get irradiated. If you lose all your health due to radiation the minion dies. If we had more time we would have made them turn into mutants and the mutated minions would go insane, but this wasn't possible in the time we had.

Link to CanJam facebook page: HERE
Link to final product: HERE
Link to project (VS2010): HERE
XNA 4.0 is required

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2013

Recently I have participated in annual GGJ event. I was working in a team that consists of 4 people. That would be:

  • Ben Hook
  • Jonathon Higgs
  • Nick Bedford
  • And me ^_^

After tiring nights we were able to complete our rather odd but fun game. The aim is to keep Rodney happy as long as possible by figuring out what he likes and what he doesn't and trying to get items that he prefers. But be warned Rodney is a bit of a picky guy and his likes/dislikes will change every time you play.

Link to GGJ event page: HERE
Link to final product: HERE

New Game

There is a new game in HTML5 section, "Color Bubble", this game works on touch screen devices.

GoMAD 24h challenge WON!

GoMAD kids hosted a challenge to make a game for kids that would run in a browser without plug-ins in 24h. 4 teams participated in this challenge. I was in a team of 3. That would be Ben Hook, Nick Bedford, and of course me. After long day we finished our game and won the competition despite the fact this was our first time using HTML5/JavaScript.

The aim is to collect specified amount of bread in time to the nest by moving the duck around. Also you can call ducklings to aid you by pressing call button this will form the "Duck chain".

Link to final product: HERE


Since our university has some technical issues with the server this website will now be hosted here.

Fresh Start

I got bored of my old website so I spent some creative time and so here is my new freshly cooked website design I hope you like it. Since Internet Explorer does not fully support CSS 3 I highly recommend to view this website in other browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Also I have added a remake of my game deBox you can find it on link "deBox V2" check it out.

About this page

This is my portfolio webpage I will put all my creations on this website feel free to try out all of my games. Since source is not publicly available you can always ask me for source by e-mail: rts.rd2@gmail.com