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C++ / OpenGL

This is part of a group project, I was responsible for engine architecture, 3D maths and 3D graphics. I have uploaded a cut down version of the project so only my code would be there (there are still some code of others to make it work, but it is mostly mine).

This engine is an entity component system base engine. It was developed using Visual Studio 2012 also using these external libraries GLEW, SDL and tinyXml

I have implemented:
Vector, Matrix, Quaternion, Ray and Plane math.
Perlin noise.

Image Loading: BMP, TGA
Model loadeing: OBJ, COLLADA (currently only static)

OpenGL Shader loader.
OpenGL Texture (2D, 3D cubemap) loader.

Terrain loading from images.
Terrain generation using Perlin noise.
Terrain rendering.

Model rendering.

Particle system with rendering. (soft particles)

Skybox loading from images.
Skybox rendering.

Object selection and movement.

Camera controls:
W,A,S,D to move
Arrow keys to rotate


demo screenshot demo screenshot demo screenshot demo screenshot

Download link

Visual Studio 2012 project: HERE
The files are provided as is and should not be changed or modified.
You are free to use source but do not claim you wrote the original.