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This game is written in C++ and uses SFML-1.6 library. This game was made for personal reasons.

There is a new version of this game "deBox V2" if you like this game you definitely have to check it out.

deBox is a casual puzzle game. The objective is to destroy all colored boxes by swapping them. That is not as easy as it sounds, there are black boxes and metal in the way but all is not lost. You have ability to rearrange them (stack them) in any direction you want (Up, Down, Left, Right) also you have few bombs at your disposal, to blow away unwanted boxes.

How to play:
The main objective is to destroy all colored boxes by swapping and stacking them.
Boxes are destroyed either when you blow them with bomb or stack 3 or more of the same kind in one line.
Each move you make will cost you 5 score and each restack will cost you 10 score.
After destroying all colored boxes you will get +100 score for each remaining bomb.

Tip: More colored boxes destroyed at once will give you WAY more points than the same amount of boxes separately.


deBox screenshot deBox screenshot

Download link

Final release: HERE
Visual Studio 2010 project: HERE
NOTE: Requires Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. LINK
The files are provided as is and should not be changed or modified.
You are free to use source but do not claim you wrote the original.