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DMU Wheelchair Sim

The wheelchair simulator was part of De Motfort universities Front Runners program.
This simulator was made using Unity engine.

The Front Runners program is a very useful thing for students and university. Basicaly university hires their students to carry out some tasks or help developing or develop certain projects. This gives students some real work experience and university gets stuff done.

More about it: Here

This project was made to help crippled children get confidence boost in using powered wheelchairs and learn how to use them without worrying too much about breaking stuff.

This project was in development for 2 Months.

The development team was:

  • Jamiel Mendoza
  • Alex Ellis
  • Ricardas Dukauskas

Supervisor: Dr Stephen Vickers

The simulator includes a replica of DMU Gateway House 1st and 6th floors and a bit around the building.
To control wheelchair we have made a multiple input types.

Availabel input types:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse(Joystick)
  • Single switch
  • Four switch

Available simulation modes / activities:
Free roam - Player get drive aroud the level without any restrictions.
Manoeuvres - Player has to do certain tasks like driving around pivots or reversing into some space.
Task mode - In this mode there are certain points placed in the area and player has to drive through them this task was made to encourage players to drive to certain areas where they fear the most.
Racing mode - This is just a fun racing mode. Player get to drive around the track with AI players.

Single switch - Space bar

Four switch
A - Forward
S - Left
D - Right
F - Switsh to reverse


Simulator screenshot Simulator screenshot

Download link

Web version (Unity player): HERE
Warning: the web version is 104MB. It may take quite a while to load.