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Pixel Snake (BETA)

This game is written in C++ and uses SFML-1.6 library. This game is still in beta the reason for this game was to try out networking.

Controls: Esc: Menu/Pause

Player1: Arrow keys
Player2: W/A/S/D
Player3: Numpad 8,4,5,6
Player4: U/H/J/K

This is a snake clone but only for multiplayer. You can play on same machine or over IP. The aim is to get more score then others. You can do so by either biting enemy tail (you can bite off enemies tail by amount that is size of your own tail eg. If you are 8 units long you can bite off 8 units of enemies tail). You gain score as an income longer you are the more score you get.

This game is still in beta and has few flaws.


pixelSnake screenshot pixelSnake screenshot

Download link

Version 0.0.2: HERE
Visual Studio 2010 project: HERE
NOTE: Requires Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. LINK
The files are provided as is and should not be changed or modified.
You are free to use source but do not claim you wrote the original.